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The $20 Saint Gaudens gold coin, also known as the "Double Eagle," was minted by the U.S. Government from 1907 to 1933. Hugely popular with everyone from coin collectors and professional investors to government treasuries and wealthy royalty, the Saint Gaudens Double Eagle may be one of the best precious metals investments available today. In this report we will detail the reasons why you should add Certified Saint Gaudens gold coins into your investment portfolio.

Rising Demand, Limited Supply

Since Saint Gaudens have not been in production in over 76 years - and will never be produced again - there is, by definition, a finite supply of these coins. Basic economic theory states that as supply decreases, demand increases resulting in higher prices. Currently the overall supply of certified Saint Gaudens has started to significantly decrease. Due to a rise in popularity among savvy investors recognizing value and the profit potential these coins carry, the $20 Saint Gaudens Double Eagle supply is starting to dry up as investors begin to hoard the already limited reserves. There are a number of fundamental factors resulting in increased demand presently and in the future. Here are nine of the most important:

1. Broad Appeal. The $20 Saint Gaudens are the most universally traded of all U.S. rare coins. The demand for these coins is international in scope and includes major foreign governments and extremely wealthy investors. Why don't they just put their money in gold bullion? Because they understand the many advantages of holding these gold coins instead.

2. Well-Established Markets. The market for these gold coins combines rarity and well-established collector and investor markets. The Saint Gaudens are also available in large enough numbers to create a viable trading pool and an instant source of liquidity. Of course, history shows that when rarity and demand collide, the resulting price movements can be explosive.

3. High Gold Content. The Saint Gaudens Double Eagle has a gold purity of .900 fineness. Each coin contains nearly 1 troy ounce of gold - 0.9675 troy ounces, to be precise. When the spot price of gold increases, the value of Saint Gaudens gold coins tend to also appreciate at a parallel rate.

4. Low Premiums. Currently Saint Gaudens Double Eagles are selling at lower premium ratios to bullion than in the last several years. You might say that Saint Gaudens are currently on sale at "bargain" prices.

5. Extreme Beauty. Take a good look at the photo. The Saint Gaudens are "a masterpiece of art," to put it simply, strikingly beautiful coins. It has been said that "the Saint Gaudens are one of the most beautiful coins ever minted." Many coin collectors prize them for this reason alone.

6. Unusual Privacy. In the United States, ordinary gold bullion coins are subject to stringent government reporting requirements. For example, IRS Form 1099B records the names, mailing addresses and social security numbers of bullion sellers. There are some who are concerned that this reporting is not only an extreme violation of privacy, but could also conceivably lead to gold confiscation at some point in the future. However, what many investors may not realize is that the government classifies the $20 Saint Gaudens as "rare coins," not "bullion coins." What does this mean for you? Unconditional security and privacy in your gold coin investment.

7. Investment Grade Quality. The specific coins we recommend are the Saint Gaudens PCGS MS-62, MS-63, MS-64, and MS-65. These coins range in quality from "Choice Uncirculated" to "Gem Uncirculated." These grades are highly esteemed by prudent investors. The coins graded MS-62, 63, or 64 are near-gem coins with just a few tiny marks or inclusions. Coins graded MS-65 are in the "gem" quality category and therefore even more valuable. We highly recommend "investment grade" gold coins above all other categories because they carry the highest profit potential for price appreciation.

8. Consistent, Independent Grading. The Saint Gaudens coins that we recommend have all been professionally graded by the Professional Coin Grading Service, also known as PCGS. PCGS is widely recognized by major numismatic organizations such as the American Numismatic Association as one of the top two most respected of the third-party grading services.

In order to receive a PCGS grade and certification three world-class PCGS graders must agree on - and then a "finalizer" must approve - the coin's condition. Once graded, a coin is assigned a unique identification number, tracked by computer in the PCGS Population Report, and sonically sealed in inert plastic. In addition, each of these coins is further protected by a holographic image. Because of this lengthy and well-respected process, these coins are then accepted by over 10,000 dealers nationwide. So even if you should relocate to a different geographic area after buying your gold coins from us, there should always be reputable local dealers willing to purchase your Double Eagles for the highest current market price.

9. Transparent Markets. The market for the Saint Gaudens $20 gold coins is quoted and traded daily over a satellite-controlled computer trading network of dealers. Since 1990 this particular trading network has been a key intermediary in U.S. certified rare coin trading between major coin dealers nationwide. As a result, instant price quotes are always available, lending complete transparency to the market.

The "Triple Play" Advantage

Another way to view some of these demand-side pressures in terms of the Saint Gaudens' is the "triple play" advantage. First, because each coin contains nearly an ounce of gold, some investors view them as simply another gold bullion option. Secondly, because of their scarcity and beauty these coins are in very high demand and prized by collectors. Thirdly, the lack of reporting requirements leads many experts to believe that these gold coins cannot be confiscated in the event that the U.S. Government ever decides to recall gold bullion.

But What About the Coins' Underlying Value?

Yet another reason why the Saint Gaudens have such enormous upside potential is their underlying value and price stability as rare coins. Remember, absolute "value" is not just an abstract concept. It is a function of many factors, including supply and demand, gold content, and the investor base. Affordability, rarity, beauty, and profit potential also figure into the equation.

There are more than 20 million coin investors in the U.S. alone, and millions more outside of our borders. There is a finite number of PCGS graded Saint Gaudens in existence. We believe that this inelastic supply of Saint Gaudens combined with their low buy/sell spreads and high affordability has the potential for a price explosion that will greatly benefit today's buyers.

These Coins Consistently Outperform Gold Bullion

As the following chart shows, over the past 25 years the PCGS Saint Gaudens Double Eagles have consistently outperformed gold bullion - often by a wide margin. Which leads to the obvious question: why would you want to put all of your money in gold bullion, when you can also purchase these universally accepted "blue chip" rare gold coins? The Saint Gaudens combination of weight, beauty, rarity and demand simply doesn't exist in the pure bullion play.

4 More Reasons Why These Coins Have Such Enormous Upside Potential

So far we've talked about the basic fundamentals driving demand for these investment-grade gold coins, and we've looked at the coins' underlying value and historical prices. We believe that these factors alone are enough to make the PCGS Saint Gaudens $20 gold coins some of the best precious metals investments available today. But these are not the only factors that we see. Some of the other reasons we believe these coins have such a high upside potential include:

1. Psychological Momentum. The economic principle of "Demand-Pull" affects the marketplace. As the coins become increasingly scarce, potential investors will begin to worry that if they don't act quickly they'll "lose their chance to buy." In this scenario buyers become more aggressive, causing further volatility and upward price movement. This, of course, causes more people to jump on the bandwagon, further increasing the price.

2. Today's Economic Climate. History has shown that gold holds its value over time, allowing you to preserve or increase your buying power. History has also shown that gold generally performs very well when the rest of the economy does not. Today's recessionary economy - complete with bank failures, stock market turmoil, government bailouts, growing national debts, high unemployment, increased money supply etc., etc., etc. - all bode well for investments in gold in general. Plus, of course, many investors have lost faith in the stock market and are now looking for alternative investments. The Saint Gaudens are poised to benefit from this influx of "new money."

3. Tomorrow's Inflation. Many economists are seriously concerned about the impact that today's government policies are going to have on tomorrow's inflation. Our nation is seriously in debt. We're printing money like there's no tomorrow. Sooner or later something's got to give - and we believe that the days of double-digit inflation may be just around the corner. And when that happens the price of high-grade $20 gold pieces could go through the roof.

4. Potential Terrorist Threat. As you read this article, terrorists around the globe are plotting ways to disrupt our economy and way of life. While we certainly hope that none of their plans come to fruition, the potential is always there. It is conceivable that some of the forces that oppose our great nation could succeed in seriously disrupting our oil supply, damaging our infrastructure (especially our digital infrastructure), unleashing biological terror or creating social chaos. There's nothing like the security of knowing that if the world goes to heck in a hand basket, you'll be holding pure gold coins that don't answer to any government!

Now's the Time to Buy

We believe that now is truly the ideal time to purchase the PCGS Saint Gaudens $20 Double Eagles. There is such enormous profit potential that we are asking all of our clients to take a close look at this investment opportunity. Do some of your own homework and see if you come to the same conclusions that we have.

• If you are considering an investment in bullion gold coins (such as Eagles, Maple Leafs or Krugerrands), consider diversifying your purchase and placing a percentage in Saint Gaudens gold coins.

• If you already own gold bullion coins, take a look at upgrading and diversifying your gold portfolio with Double Eagle Saint Gaudens coins.

• If you already own PCGS Saints, now may be an opportune time to add to your holdings and dollar-cost-average while these coins are relatively inexpensive compared to their explosive potential.

• Even if investing in gold bullion is not right for you, consider adding some well-selected Saint Gaudens to your portfolio anyway - while these highly valuable coins are selling at such low premiums.

Of course, if you have any questions about the Saint Gaudens or about any other issue regarding investing in precious metals, please give us a call. We're here for you and we are both on the same team. We'll answer all of your questions, including those about the investment's potential pitfalls. Whether you choose to buy from Legacy Rare Coin or not, our goal is to provide you with all the facts you need to know so you can make an informed and educated decision which reduces the down-side risks and greatly increases your upside growth and earning potential. Dollar for dollar, with all things considered, we are 100% convinced that the $20 Saint Gaudens is without any doubt the absolute best precious metals investment available today. And we don't want you to miss out on this investment opportunity.

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